Driss Skali & Cedric Indra - Mint Light EP


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    NEW2 Driss Skali & Cedric Indra - Mint Light EP

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    Driss Skali & Cedric Indra - Mint Light EP Catch_33_Recordings_Mint_Light_EP_C3RD101_Cover_Art

    Randall Jones (USA) (Forensic, Tigerhook, Bedrock, Renaissance) - "This tune is hot! Driss rocks it!!”

    Nosmo v Kris B (USA) (Armada, Baroque, Nightshade Music, DI.fm, Protonradio.com) - "Awesome!"

    Available now !!!

    Juno - http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/1409143-02.htm
    DJ Download - https://www.djdownload.com/browse-label/Catch+33+Recordings/10596
    Track it Down - http://www.trackitdown.net/genre/house/track/936824.html
    iTunes - http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=305134439&s=143455

    Label: Catch 33 Recordings
    Title: Mint Light EP
    Artists: Driss Skali, Cedric Indra
    Remix Artists: Peacekeepers, Mikas, John Paul, King Richard, Libretto
    Genres: Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Ambient
    Cat: C3RD101

    Track Listing: Driss Skali & Cedric Indra - Mint Light EP

    Mint Light - Original Mix
    Mint Light - Peacekeepers Remix
    Mint Light - Mikas Remix
    Mint Light - King Richard Remix
    Mint Light - John Paul Remix
    Mint Light - Libretto Remix

    Morocco born sensation Driss Skali has been turning heads with his
    signature blend of tec lined progressive as he rocks DJ booths worldwide as a Pacha
    resident DJ or by performing alongside Tiesto on the In Search of Sunrise tour.
    Together with Cedric Indra (Hi-Bias Records), they deliver a tasty dish of deep
    progressive house. Savor the Mediterranean flavor as you are surrounded with a
    soundscape of luscious pads and seductive six strings delicately placed over subtle
    layers of crisp percussion, underlined by a rich spine tingling bassline.

    The Peacekeepers, a Canada based duo quickly made a worldwide name for
    themselves with their recent remix of Chris Montana’s Speed of Life (S2G ), which hit
    twenty-first place on the Beatport Electro House Chart! They bring us their top-notch
    take on Mint Light. In the mix, a sneaky synth hook tweaks the mind as the acid
    induced basslines ride through your body, leaving you breathless after an explosive
    climax of pure progressive pleasure.

    In the few years King Richard has been in the scene he has proven himself
    time and time again as a DJ while perfecting his distinctive sound as a brilliant
    producer. Holding four DJ residencies in Canada and two in London England, this
    rising star puts his royal twist into Mint Light. Prepare yourself for seven minutes of
    mind blowing electro-charged progressive house. The perfectly placed acid basslines
    and arpeggio lines ride in sync over a foundation of snappy drums and crispy synths
    as they race the bass to build up into a unforgettable climax.

    Mikas has frequently topped the worldwide charts in the two plus years he
    has operated his label Progressive Grooves. After dozens of releases on his own
    imprint, he joins the Catch 33 family and brings along his signature blend of tasteful
    progressive trance. Staying true to the original mix, Mikas adds just the right amount
    of textured synth lines, lush soundscapes, and piano grooves to create a potentially
    timeless classic.

    Over the last fifteen years Catch 33 Recordings founder John Paul has held
    worldwide DJ residencies, hosted critically acclaimed radio broadcasts and has
    performed several live performances on the Much Music television network reaching
    an audience of millions in over fifty countries. John Paul’s mix offers a divers palette
    of chunky electro stabs, acid arpeggio basslines, vocoded vocals and layers of
    precisely placed percussion that lead you to an eruption of bone-shaking bliss.

    Perfect for progressive and electro-house lovers alike.
    Libretto, the newest ambient techno sensation out of Canada provides us
    with his beautiful take on Mint Light. To seal the deal we present an Ibiza inspired,
    Cafe Del Mar stylized ‘Balearic’ anthem. The Libretto Remix is a stimulating aural
    experience. An ambient masterpiece comprised of layers of delicately place guitar
    riffs, harmonious hooks and spiraling basslines over a bed of hypnotic percussion.

    Website: http://www.catch33recordings.com
    MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/catch33recordings
    Email: info@catch33recordings.com

    Download Samples Here:

    Mint Light (Original Mix) - http://catch33recordings.com/Promos/C3RD101/Samples/Mint_Light_Original_Mix_sample.mp3
    Mint Light (Peacekeepers Remix) - http://catch33recordings.com/Promos/C3RD101/Samples/Mint_Light_Peacekeepers_Remix_sample.mp3
    Mint Light (Mikas Remix) - http://catch33recordings.com/Promos/C3RD101/Samples/Mint_Light_Mikas_Remix_sample.mp3
    Mint Light (King Richard Remix) - http://catch33recordings.com/Promos/C3RD101/Samples/Mint_Light_King_Richard_Remix_sample.mp3
    Mint Light (John Paul Remix) - http://catch33recordings.com/Promos/C3RD101/Samples/Mint_Light_John_Paul_Remix_sample.mp3
    Mint Light (Libretto Remix) - http://catch33recordings.com/Promos/C3RD101/Samples/Mint_Light_Libretto_Remix_sample.mp3

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