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    EITAN CARMI - FEEL EP (Fatali Music) Empty EITAN CARMI - FEEL EP (Fatali Music)

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    Label : Fatali Music
    Cat number : FMEP17
    Artist : Eitan Carmi - Feel EP
    Release Date : 07/06/2010 (Exclusive in Beatport)

    World wide distrubiotn by 'Ingrooves'

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    Track list :

    1) Feel (Original Mix)
    2) Feel (Ofer Di Remix)
    3) Feel (Kintar Remix)

    FM Music Proudly Presents ' Feel ' EP by EITAN CARMI
    *Included 'Ofer Di & Kintar' Remixes ,

    Eitan recorded this masterpiece while touring South america and the result is out
    of this world ! Fat basslines mixed to perfection packed
    with all those great memories this tour left .
    After the mega remix from ' Kintar ' from Argentina to Eitan's debut release ' Subtle '
    in Contrast rec by Moshic.
    Here is a 2nd remix from this great producer that is quickly getting in all the charts nowdays .
    Along with remix from ' Ofer Di ' - Israel .
    You probably know's him with his Trance project 'Oforia' .
    Ofer Di is for sure one of the biggest and most known artist in the Trance scene ,
    Now the master of production deliver a funky remix that will make you want to shake !
    this is another big teaser before Eitan's debut album.
    Can you 'Feel' it coming ?

    Supported by :

    *Derek Howell (USA)
    (Global Underground, Bedrock , Hope , Proton Radio...)

    *Pablo Acenso (Argentina)
    (Baroque Records, SoundTribe Rekords, Istmo Music...)

    *Steve Graham (USA)
    (365Mag, Proton Radio, Mcast, Tampahousemusic.com, DJsInbox.com)

    *Andy Newland (UK)
    (bedrock, ministry of sound, twisted audio, renaissance, baroque, bellarine)

    James Warren (UK)1*
    (Global Underground , Baroque...

    For Bookings : FM Music Group Bookings Agency

    For License or any other info : FM Music Group

    Links -

    Official Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/eitancarmi
    FM Music Myspace : http://www.myspace.com/fatalimusic

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