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    Ronen Dahan - Sound Of  Life Mini Pack ( Fatali Music ) Empty Ronen Dahan - Sound Of Life Mini Pack ( Fatali Music )

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    Artist : Ronen Dahan
    Title : Sound Of Life Mini Pack
    Cat Number : FMEP21
    Release Date : 9th August 2010 (4 weeks exclusive on Beatport)"]


    1.Ronen Dahan - Spinnin
    2.Ronen Dahan - Turn The Nob
    3.Ronen Dahan - Dance Forever (ft Electra)
    4.Ronen Dahan - The Circus
    5.Ronen Dahan - The Syndrom
    6.Ronen Dahan - Sound Of Life (ft Electra)

    FM Music Proudly Presents 'Sound Of Life' Mini Pack by RONEN DAHAN . Ronen is some of the hottest new Electro / House DJ to emerge from Copenhagen - Denmark ,
    Recommended by some of the hottest DJ in the electronic dance scene as their 'Rising Up' DJ/Producer of 2009 .
    Ronen Dahan already worked and produced some of the most famous singers&song writers in the dance scene . such as the latest hit 'MEDINA Ensom EP' , 'Engelina' to name a few ... working closely with one of the biggest labels in the pop scene ' Stringer Music ' and cooking up some stormy release schedule upon him. Ronen currently co-works with one of the most high level studio's and is been producing for massive labels.He lives and breathes electronic music and control into electro / house style with a phenomenon music which has been well known around the world. along the way seeing him play some of the greatest events the world of.'Sound Of Life' pack is about a pure Progressive House at its best and will sure rock the masses around the globe. Ronen already performed in some of the biggest events lunching The Sound Of Love on High Octane events as well as producing and being supported by Darren Baille (Guru Josh Project) , DJ Jesus Luz and many more... FM Music is proud to have this brand new sign to our roster ,
    expect a big year in Ronen's career & a very busy worldwide that already started and rocking many dancefloors around the world..!.

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