[DBR020] Dio S - Bad Day (incl. Cristian Poow Remix)


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    [DBR020] Dio S - Bad Day (incl. Cristian Poow Remix) Empty [DBR020] Dio S - Bad Day (incl. Cristian Poow Remix)

    Post by dbeatzion.rec on Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:35 am

    Celebrating our 20th. release, Dio S brings us the first one of his new progressive tracks for Dbeatzion Records, with a whole package that will not dissapoint.
    The original mix contains a fluid rhythm remembering to the old progressive house style, with a great guitar in the atmosphere.

    Supported by: Thomas Penton, Chris Montana, Tristan Ingram, Alex Dias, Big World, Dennis Christopher, Ingo Vogelmann, Sebastian Krieg, Lucas Reyes, Wael B, Chris Nemmo, Tom Buster, Arion Grey, Aural Frequency and many more !!!

    [DBR020] Dio S - Bad Day (incl. Cristian Poow Remix) 5f0346ef8e33b55ee0f913c281988e44

    Regarding the remixes, Andrea Zoppis is delivering his unique sounds inside a deeper groove;

    then following through the Vitaly Katz & Nino Bellemo version, with a strong tech kick/bass combination;

    Selim Gaston making into line with a good use of the pads and synths without losing rhythm;

    and finally it's Cristian Poow, this time coming back to a powerful swedish style version.


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