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    Felix Cage - Love Again Remixes (incl. Marcin Czubala, Marquez Ill, Max Duke...)


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    NEW Felix Cage - Love Again Remixes (incl. Marcin Czubala, Marquez Ill, Max Duke...)

    Post by hurumusic Wed Feb 15, 2012 3:49 am

    Felix Cage and Lazarusman are back on Electronical Reeds for a special Remixes EP of their track Love Again. Five artists offer their personal vision of this collaboration between the slammer and poet Lazarusman and the producer Felix Cage. Away from their first attempt, here is probably the EP of the "coup de grace" of the dancefloors!

    After Rodriguez Jr. remix in June 2011, another member of the Mobilee team, Marcin Czubala, takes the lead of a Felix Cages title. The Polish DJ and producer approaches the track with the typical touch from Berlin fusing high efficiency, deep soul and melodic richness. As for the Parisian duo Kreiss & GFP, they steer away from the Deep House of the opening track to energetic Techno with a real percussive rhythm. A dark and heavy atmosphere perfectly merges with jazzy sounds. From darkness to light, Kreiss & GFP are resolutely and passionately in love with the dancefloor. The co-founder and manager of Voltage Records, the Berliner Marquez Ill is the conductor of this third remix and offers a more Tech House approach of the track. The vocal cut and sampled guides the dancefloor until the break leaving Lazarusmans voice for crowds pleasure.

    After three remixes resolutely turned towards efficiency and dancefloor, a change of rhythm occurs in the EP. Indeed, the Lille-based artist Max Duke offers an acoustic version with a captivating rhythm and guitar riffs that are reminiscent of a famous American band from Los Angeles. This acoustic approach continues with the remix of the artist from Brussels, Souldust. He produces an instrumental remix leaving a prominent place to the melody supported by a powerful kick. He takes the listeners to a wonderful journey oscillating between power and melancholy.

    Some feedbacks

    AFFKT (Sincopat) - Amazing package! thanks for sending
    Ian O'Donovan (Bedrock Records / Wolfskuil Records) - Nice deepness on the Czubala remix, thanks.
    Jazzanova (Sonar Kollektiv) - Great release!
    Art Bleek (Dig Deeper / Loungin' / Eevonext) - Kreiss & GFP Remix does it alright. Dark & driving.
    Jimpster (Freerange Records) - great mix from Marcin! nice one
    me (Innervisions) - great package!
    Martin Patio (Suara, Freerange) - Kreiss & GFP REALLY rocks...love it
    Uner (Cadenza, Paulatine) - always support to Kreiss & GFP!! well done!
    Wehbba (Tronic) - like marcin czubala's mix, cool easy vibe.
    Master-H (Komplex De Deep) - Marcin rmx is a killer will play thanx:)
    Zo Xenia (Bass Culture / Compost) - Max Duke's Remix sounds great! Marcin Czubala and Kreiss & GFP Remix are cool too, thanks =)
    Nuno dos Santos - Czubula & Souldust nail it here! Lovely remixes!



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